Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Eid Ul- Fitr Attire and Makeup!

Dear all,

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin. May you have a wonderful Hari Raya! Stay close to your loved ones! 

Busana - Bahari Asyek 
Scarf - Sugarscarf

My choice for Raya is of course comfy and affordable. Moderate for Hari Raya!

A simple make-up routine, and for the change I go for brown eye liner, and of course the red lipstick for my Eid Ul Fitr Statement :) LOL! Oh I had a contact lens on, it's Pure Hazel! Because I was really really inspired by my friend, Aishah - The Hijab Diaries

Selamat Hari Raya dearies,

Love Putri Rex
+6016- 2057456

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Routine Using Drug Store Favourite

Hi everyone! 
Welcome to my beauty blog! Where I'll be sharing my port folio also be some of my tips and tricks on how my daily beauty routine.. I'll go from drug store products and also high end products (if I have any?) hehe.

My baby Vaseline- I love Cocoa Smell on me! 
# 1: A little funny story about me & Vaseline!
I've been using Vaseline ever since high school!! Because of my obsession, I used to carry that bulky petroleum jelly every where until one day what annoyed me was it melted and ruined my leather bag! Noo! And so I decided  to not carry this petroleum jelly to anywhere!! I'll just keep it at my room and use it morning and night especially right after my shower. 

#2 : Tips and Tricks
After my shower, I'll spend at least 15 minutes for a little 'me' time. Apply enough body lotion firstly from my ankle and work my way up applying the lotion to all the part of my body 
Remember : Instead of applying the lotion in an up and down motion, apply it in a circular motion using the palms of your hands.
I never apply body lotion in my face, Next ,after my toner and moisturiser, I'll apply the petroleum jelly on my lips (of course!) , rub it onto my lashes, and my cheek bone! 

I never miss doing it every single night no matter how tired I am, after the routine straight away to bed and ... the next morning I'll feel ..Walla! That's the glow from that petroleum jelly on my lips, and cheekbone especially! Tak tipu! Of course never forget to Selawat, InsyaAllah! You gotta try.. It's simple and affordable. 

That's for now. Till we meet next time.
Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reception - Rizal Tisin & Maza Hany

Picture courtesy of Ministry of Moment
Rizal Tisin & Maza Hany 's Reception\\ Klang \\ June 2012

Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex

Solemnization - Maza Hani & Rizal Tisin

Another story here...
My best friend from Uni got married last June and I was their official MUA. Congratulations  love! Pictures are from the talented Ministry of Moment. 

I wish you a happy happy and blessed marriage with your love of your life, Rizal Tisin! InsyaAllah. (Btw, they're expecting a baby... Alhamdulillah )

Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex

Makeup for Daily Office Look - Shira Choo Choo

Playing with make-ups surely an addiction to me! One more person who has been very supportive towards what I do was my lovely bff, Shira Choo Choo . Because we used to work together, I just took out my tools and she provide the face and the experiment began... 

Shira before and after the makeover! 

Makeup by Putri Rex 
Product I use was: Face - Model's Foundation
Eyes -100%ly Naked Pallets  by Urban Decay
Lips - Mac :Faux

Hijjab Style by Model

Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex

My First Touch - Personal Class with Aleng Tohara

I decided to do makeup because I really enjoy playing with it :) And so I went to a personal makeup class with Aleng Tohara The Professional Makeup Artist on March 2012.. And from then, my career begins .... Alhamdulillah!
Meet Tuty Elyanie - Before the make over!

 Make over in the making ...
 Tadaaaa.. How do you like it? 
I absolutely freaking proud of myself! :)

Meet Aleng my makeup Guru! Thanks alot for the tips, do's and don'ts! Tuty, I owe you big time girl! Thanks a bunch honeyy! 

Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex

Putri Rex welcomes everyone!

Bismillahirahmanirahim ..

Hi there! Welcome to my virtual port folio! I'm Putri Rex, Love playing with makeups // Beauty Enhancer // Makeup Artist. I started just recently,  March 2012. Alhamdulillah I'm getting quite a number of demand! Syukur Alhamdulillah.

I do only makeups and hijjab styling for Photo Shoot // TVC // Weddings// Dinner & Functions and etc.

Kindly email me at makeupbyputrirex@gmail.com / rexputri@gmail.com or call me at +6016-2057456

Thanks a bunch!

Radian Persona,
Putri Rex